Toyota is one of the car manufacturers from Japan, of course there are many car products issued and the products released are always liked by fans, in terms of shape, quality and price, Toyota car products do not disappoint, even if there are still understandable car products issued. This giant manufacturer also always captivates the heart. What are Toyota car products?
I will write one by one some of Toyota’s car products;

This car, which is an SUV, is popular for its sturdy, elegant and dashing body.
In addition, this car is powerful because with a 1.4966 cc engine, there are automatic and manual variants.

The power produced is 104 ps for 6000 rpm with 139 nm of torque. With a distance of 16.4 km we just spend 1 liter of fuel.

FORTUNER is a Toyota car that has a strong body, spare parts are also easy to get.
This car has good performance and is strong. 500 nm of torque this car has.
There are two variants of the Toyota Fortuner, namely automatic and manual.

This recently launched car can accommodate 5 passengers and many consumers choose it because of its economical price.

A distance of 20 km can be covered with 1 liter of fuel only.

Toyota Corolla Cross
This car is released in 2020, the variants on the Corolla Cross are 1.8 AT and 1.8 hybrid AT.
The attractive and sporty exterior makes us not tired of looking at it, the interior is also luxurious.
Corona cross safety is assisted by an anti-lock braking system, isofix and electronic brake distribution to brake assist.

In order to remain stable in driving a car, you can use a vehicle stability control system.

TOYOTA CH-R is in the form of a modern and fulturistic design, each side is sporty, this car is a target for consumers because of it.
This car has a luxurious interior, making passengers and drivers feel at home inside because they feel comfortable.

CALYA is an LCGC car, 7 passengers and undergoing a refresh. From the exterior, interior, and features,
Calya uses a modern and sporty concept.

The calya engine has dimensions of 4,070mm x 1,655mm x 1,600mm with ground clearance
2,525 mm.

Calya also uses the anti-theft system feature, Calya is more efficient because with 1 liter of fuel it can travel 20 km.

AVANZA is an mpv car, Avanza is also multiplied by a sophisticated security system, namely ABS brakes, and entertainment features,
Avanza car fuel capacity is 45 liters
A distance of 13 km-15 km can be traveled with only 1 liter of fuel, making the Avanza more efficient.
Avanza 1496 cc engine, capable of generating power 104 hp / 6000 rpm with torque of 139 nm / 4200 rpm, this car is the most desirable and best-selling

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